Pink or Blue Color Powder Tannerite

Pink Tannerite and Blue Tannerite don’t exist which is why you need pink and blue color powder for a gender reveal explosion to work.

The colored powder is sometimes mistakengly called colored chalk powder but it is actually colored cornstarch. It’s the same powder thrown in the air at Holi Festival of Colors in India and at the color run events all around the world.

Blue Color Powder and Tannerite for a Baby Boy Reveal
tannerite gender reveal blue powder exploding

Pink Color Powder and Tannerite for a Baby Girl Reveal
tannerite gender reveal pink powder exploding

Want to wait and be surprised? Buy a pink and blue combo pack.
tannerite gender reveal color powder exploding

How to make a tannerite gender reveal?

You just open the tannerite and mix in the aluminum. Then you put the color powder all around it and on top of it. Then you shoot the tannerite and the explosion of color will reveal the gender of your child. Stay at least 120 yards away from the blast.

Color Smoke Stick Bomb Fountains for Gender Reveal

Most people are wanting a gender reveal party that is unique and memorable. Using our supplies you can have just that!

Gender Reveal Ideas

After looking our site for a little while you will have all the ideas you need to throw the most amazing Gender Reveal Party. We specialize in making the color powder that is used to throw into the air for celebrations from Holi, color runs to birthdays and weddings. Our powder is also used to fill footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, golf ball, hockey pucks etc.

Color Smoke Stick

The color smoke stick Fountain is sometimes called a colored smoke bomb but don’t worry it doesn’t blow up. It simply releases a cloud of smoke in the color of your choice for about 1 to 2 minutes.

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Our supplies include 70g packets, 1 lb bags and 25 lb boxes of pink or blue color powder.

We also have color smoke fountains as well as gender reveal balls

Smoke Bomb Photography

Our gender reveal smoke grenades (bombs) are perfect for photography. You can get some really good look pictures out of them.


blue smoke stick bomb fountain gender reveal

Gender Reveal Soccer Ball Explodes with Color Powder

Soccer Themed Gender Reveals

Our gender reveal soccer ball is filled with color powder so that when you kick it you will get an explosion of color!

For all the soccer (futbol) fans out there that want a way to show the sex of their baby while doing the one sport they love we have created color powder soccer balls. We fill them as full as possible with out super bright colored cornstarch that we make for all of those color runs and holi festivals all over the world. Now you don’t have to go to an event to experience the fun of holi powder!

To make things a little more spectacular people like to light a pink and a blue colored smoke fountain/baton/bomb/flares/stick/grenade (they have a lot of names but you get the point). They will produce clouds of colored smoke for up to 5 minutes if you get the Jumbo.


Gender Reveal Baseballs filled with Color Powder

Exploding Baseballs for Gender Reveal


Don’t worry, this isn’t a bomb, it only “explodes” when you hit the baseball with a bat. We pack holi color powder inside of a baseball so that when you hit it, it will have a full explosion of color revealing the gender of your baby.

3 Pack of Gender Reveal Baseballs with Color Powder

Want to have your gender reveal party last longer than 1 pitch? Instead of 3 strikes and your out, it will be 3  hits and you will know!

2 of the baseballs will be the correct color and 1 baseball will be the opposing color.

  • If you are having a boy, you want 2 blue powder baseballs and 1 pink.
  • If you are having a girl, you want 2 pink powder baseballs and 1 blue.

Finally a manly gender reveal. We also have DIY kits for these baseballs if you want to save money and have a fun experience preparing everything.

See our Other Sports for Gender Reveal:

Exploding Color Powder Football

Exploding Color Powder Soccer Ball

Exploding Color Powder Hockey Puck

Exploding Color Powder Golf Ball

Gender Reveal Golf Ball Filled with Color Powder

Golf Themed Gender Reveal Party

Now you can have a real party with our gender reveal golf ball filled with color powder. We use our signature holi color powder in either blue or pink and then when you hit it, it will burst have a colorful explosion of color.

3 Pack of Color Powder Filled Golf Balls for Gender Reveal

Keep people waiting a little longer and lengthen the duration of your party by using 3 color powder golf balls. 2 golfballs will be filled with the correct color and 1 will be the opposing color.  This way there will be more anticipation and more excitement at your party.

Other Sports:

Baseballs filled with Color Powder

Hockey Pucks filled with Color Powder

Footballs filled with Color Powder

Soccer Balls filled with Color Powder

Gender Reveal Hockey Puck Filled with Color Powder

Hockey Themed Gender Reveal Party

You have seen our baseballs filled with color powder but have you ever seen a hockey puck gender reveal? So many of our customers loved the baseball idea that we have now branched into every sport possible that has a ball and even shooting guns!

Gender Reveal Hockey Puck – Color Powder Inside

You can pick if you want blue or pink powder inside of your hockey puck. You can even do 3 where you have 2 in the correct color and 1 in the misleading color.

Give a slap shot to make the hockey puck explode with color and reveal the gender!

Other Sports:

Gender Reveal Soccer Balls

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

Some people are a little scared of the color smoke bomb or colored smoke fountain for gender reveals. Maybe it’s because we use the word bomb when they actually don’t explode, they just have a lit fuse that releases colorful smoke for a few minutes.

The confetti cannon is a safer alternative that last only the few seconds that it takes for the confetti to fall to the ground after being shot out of the gun like tube. Honestly we think that if you want a fast reveal like that then you should go with our gender reveal color powder that comes in lots of options.

Color Powder Options

You can buy 70 gram packets, 1 pound bags or even 25 lb boxes of blue or pink powder. We make it all here in the USA and it’s very safe because it’s colored cornstarch.

Ultimate DIY Gender Reveal Color Powder Party Pack 

  • Color Powder
  • 36″ Huge Jumbo Balloons
  • Air Pump
  • Hollow Plastic Baseballs

We even have baseball raglan 3/4 length shirts that you can wear for your gender reveal fiesta.

Want to do something with guns for your gender reveal?

You can shoot our color powder packed with tannerite for a huge explosion or you can shoot a clay pigeon filled with pink or blue powder. We have a DIY kit

Exploding Gender Reveal Football

Now you can kick the winning field goal of your party with our gender reveal football filled with color powder in blue or pink.

How to Set Up An Exploding Football Gender Reveal Party

Set up 3 footballs, 2 of which have the color of your babies sex and 1 that has the other color and then kick away. Why 3? This keeps the anticipation going at the gender reveal party for all of your guests. Or you can just do 1 and get on with it already.


What’s Inside the Football?

It is filled with our high end USA made colored cornstarch also known as hippie powder, holi powder or gulal powder.

The football is plastic so it will burst open when kicked and have either a pink or blue colored powder explosion.


We also have other sports to choose from: 

Gender Reveal Baseballs

Gender Reveal Golf Balls

Gender Reveal Soccer Balls

Gender Reveal Bowling Pins

Gender Reveal Softballs


Looking for something that lasts a little longer? Check out our color smoke bomb fountains that provide up to 5 minutes of colored smoke!


Colored Smoke Bomb

We have now added our color powder to create colored smoke bombs that last up to 5 minutes and can be hand held! We know that some people enjoy throwing the color into the air like they do at Holi Festival of Colors but that only last for a couple seconds. We thought of a way to increase that joy by adding holi powder to smoke bombs. They aren’t technically bombs, they are more like a slow color powder release system that is activated by a fuse that you light on fire.

You can shop our color smoke fountains or color powder balls here on the site.

Looking for more powder? We sell them in 1 lb bags and 25 lb. boxes! We focus mainly on blue and pink powder here on the site but we can create any color you need. Just email us with any inquiries.